My Mission. My mission at Eternal Faith and Fitness is to help people get fit, get healthy, lose weight and prosper. We offer lifestyle
programs that will motivate, inspire and make you perspire.( the good kind) Our approach to living a healthy lifestyle is fun, easy to follow,
and WILL produce results and can be incorporated and maintained by everyone in their daily life. We offer lifestyle plans, in person(Central
Florida) and "
LIVE" online that includes nutrition, weight bearing movements and cardiovascular exercise without totally consuming your
life. We strive to help you live a healthy and prosperous lifestyle  through prayer, precise nutrition, proper exercise, disciplined behavior,
personal responsibility and a general feeling of personal well being and success.

What We Believe: Life is fun !! We all encounter trials and tribulations along the way. These adversities, with the right attitude, become
lessons in life which make us stronger, better and at peace with ourselves.  We reject quick fixes, "miracles" in bottles and "quick, easy
and works like magic" solutions to weight loss.

What We do: We work closely with  clients and provide the most efficient, effective and supportive approach to reaching personal
health and fitness - related goals. Through individually customized programs we teach clients how to lose weight the only correct way and
how to stay fit, look good , feel great and prosper for life.

Increase your strength, stamina and confidence with the expert assistance of a Personal Lifestyle Coach! Let us coordinate a safe,
effective exercise regimen that will help you achieve your ideal body and conquer your insecurities once and for all. Personal training is
the answer to your fitness prayers. We provide fun, customized workouts, invaluable advice and spirited encouragement that will see you
through to the achievement of your highest goals. Our clients will learn proper technique with each specific exercise and to identify the
muscle groups at work and will be able to differentiate pain from actual training.  We specialize in: mind, body and spirit make overs, sport
nutrition and supplementation, diet and weight control, aerobic prescriptions, and motivation.

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Inspiration, Motivation and Perspiration
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For My savior Jesus Christ
Tips for Breaking Bad Habits and
Developing Good Habits

Most of life is habitual. You do the same things you did
yesterday, the day before and every day for the last month.
It's estimated that out of every 11,000 signals we receive
from our senses, our brain only consciously processes 40.
Habits, good or bad, make you who you are. The key is
controlling them. If you know how to change your habits,
then even a small effort can create big changes.
Here are some tips to get you started:

One Habit For 30 Days - You focus on one change for thirty
days. After that time it has been sufficiently conditioned to
become a habit. It definitely works to sculpt the automatic
programs that run in the background of your mind.

Use a Trigger - A trigger is a short ritual you perform before
a habit. If you wanted to wake up earlier this might mean
jumping out of bed as soon as you hear the sound of your
alarm. If you wanted to stop smoking this could be
snapping your fingers every time you feel the urge for a
cigarette. A trigger helps condition a new pattern more

Replace Lost Needs - If you opened up your computer and
started removing hardware, what would happen? Chances
are your computer wouldn't work. Similarly, you can't just
pull out habits without replacing the needs they fulfill. Giving
up television might mean you need to find a new way to
relax, socialize or get information.

One Habit at a Time - A month may seem like a long time to
focus on only one change, but trying to change more than a
few habits at a time is too hard. With just one habit change
you can focus on making it really stick. Multitasking
between three or four often means none become habits.

Balance Feedback - The difference between long-term
change and giving up on day 31 is the balance of feedback.
If your change creates more pain in your life than joy, it is
going to be hard to stick to. Don't go to the gym if you hate
it. Find diets, exercise, financial plans and work routines
that are fun to follow and support you.

"But" to Kill Bad Thoughts - Anytime you feel yourself
thinking negatively about yourself, use the word "but" and
point out positive aspects. "I'm lousy at this job - but - if I
keep at it I can probably improve."

Write it Down - Don't leave commitments in your brain.
Write them on paper. This does two things. First, it creates
clarity by defining in specific terms what your change
means. Second, it keeps you committed since it is easy to
dismiss a thought, but harder to dismiss a promise printed
in front of you.

Get Leverage - Give a friend some money with the condition
to return it to you only when you've completed thirty days
without fail. Make a public commitment to everyone you
know that you're going to stick with it. Offer yourself a
reward if you make it a month.

Keep it Simple - Your change should involve one or two
rules, not a dozen. Exercising once per day for at least
thirty minutes is easier to follow than exercising Tuesdays,
Wednesdays and Fridays with yoga the first day and
mountain biking the third day, except when it is raining in
which case you will do... Simple rules create habits,
complex rules create headaches.

Consistency is Key - The point of a habit is that it doesn't
require thought. Variety may be the spice of life, but it
doesn't create habits. Make sure your habit is as
consistent as possible and is repeated every day for thirty
days. This will ensure a new habit gets set in.
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